We look forward to celebrating our students and their instructors at our upcoming end of term recitals.

May 2024 Recital Information

  • Recitals will be held in the Main Auditorium of the 2|42 Community Center, Brighton
  • Friday evening, May 17, 2024 | 6:30pm
  • Saturday, May 18, 2024 | 9:30am, 11:15am, 1pm
  • Each student will perform at one recital.
  • Due to the number of students and scheduling concerns please only notify us of a recital time you cannot participate in. Kindly do not request a specific time or block out all other times.
  • To notify us of a recital time your student(s) cannot participate in please complete the recital participation section that will appear on your tuition statement as we the recital dates.

We value the recital experience as an important part of the growth experience for our students.

Recital Success Tips

At School For The Arts we value the recital experience as an important part of the music growth opportunities we make available to our students. Instructors, students, and parents will work together to determine if a student is ready to perform at the end of term recital. Participation is strongly encouraged for all students who are determined to be of the appropriate skill level to participate.

To help your student prepare for their recital performance there is nothing better than practicing.

Your instructor will work with your student to prepare for a successful recital experience. In addition we have provided some at home tips for a top performance.

  • Schedule Mock Performances
    Invite a parent, sibling, grandparent, or even a stuffed animal to sit and listen to your student practice their recital piece. This “performance” environment will encourage your student to play their best.
  • Dress Rehearsal
    Have your student wear their recital outfit for the mock performances. Arranging their instrument, playing, and bowing are all part of the recital performance. Please consider if their clothing and shoe selection will easily accommodate the performance and entering and exiting the stage via steps.
  • Know What to Expect
    Students will sit with instructors in our reserved performers section. If you have a student that may require a parent please discuss this need with your instructor. In these cases one parent is welcome to sit in this section if necessary. The performers section is not only another way to designate and celebrate our performers, it also helps students to stay focused and prepared for their performance. It also promotes a more enjoyable audience experience and transition time between performances.
  • 5 P’s of Performance
    Posture – setting up the performance space and physically preparing to play
    Prepare – place hands on instrument and imagine playing the piece at the correct tempo
    Perform – be in the zone and perform with confidence
    Polite – acknowledge the audience’s applause and thank them for listening with a bow
    Bow Suggestion: stay folded into the body, head down for the length of time it takes to say, “Did I tie my shoes?”
    Pride – be proud and SMILE no matter what, regardless of performance