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Let's Act! | Brighton

Now Enrolling | New Classes Starting January 2022

Two New Sessions
Ages 5-10 + Ages 11 and up

Let’s Act | Let’s Play!
Winter + Spring 2022 | 
Tuesday 15 Week Class  January 11 – May 3

Ages: 5-10yrs | 5:30-6:30pm classes

Perform in a Full Length Play! Children have incredible imaginations and are great at pretending. What better way to explore their creative passions than playing a role in a full length play?

Let’s Act| Let’s Play will unite kids to work together, and create a show they will be proud of. It will be an engaging class for actors, ages 5-10 years old.

During the one hour class, your child will have plenty of fun learning acting exercises, enhancing improvisational skills, and building their confidence with acting. Most importantly, your little actor will learn how to perform in a play! 

The play we perform will be determined based on enrollment. Miss Jacléne has several options, and just needs a cast to decide! Come join us for LET’S PLAY!

Join us for the performance of our play on May 3, 2022!

Let’s Act Together!
Winter + Spring 2022 | 
Tuesday 12 Week Class  January 11 – April 12

Ages: 11+up | 6:30-7:30pm classes

Scene work for pre-teens and up! While in middle school, and high school Miss Jacléne longed for a class that would help her become a better, and more authentic actor. Putting on a performance in your school is great, but sometimes an actor needs that in-depth attention with the director.

Let’s Act Together is a class focused on giving young actors the tools they will need to become better scene partners, listeners, and overall confident actors. Your tween or teen will have so much fun engaging in warm-ups, improv, and stage time each class.

Join us at the end of the term, on April 12, 2022 for an entertaining performance showcasing each student’s scene! Come join the fun and Let’s Act Together!

Let's Act! | Livonia

Livonia classes will be starting soon, please check back for more information.