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Let's Act! | SFTA Livonia
Winter + Spring 2023


*Based on Age as of January 30, 2023

Let’s Act! 
13 Week Class | January 26 – April 27
Registration for this class is now closed
Join us for our exciting Let’s Act Summer 2023 Drama Camp

Plus Dress Rehearsal + Performance
Dress Rehearsal | Sunday, April 23 | 4-6pm
End of Class Performance | Thursday, April 27 at 7pm

Ages: 7-13 | 5:30-6:30pm

An educational theatre class that teaches the foundations of theatre as an art form including a focus on acting for the stage.

Students will participate in acting games, scenes, and in the class final performance. Reading and memorization skills are required for this class.

If your child is interested in the backstage duties of theatre such as lights, sound, props, costumes, and stage management please email sfta@242community.com to discuss if this class is a good fit for your child.

Let's Act! | SFTA Brighton | Winter + Spring 2023


Registration for Winter + Spring 2023 Let's Act classes at SFTA Brighton is now closed
We invite you to join us for our exciting summer theatre camp and our end of term performances May 2 + May 5, 2023

Tuesday Class | LEAP DAY the Musical | Performance May 2, 7pm
Friday Class | TOY SCHOOL Play | Performance May 5, 7pm

Let’s Act! Let’s Play! | Toy School
Friday Daytime Class
16 Week Class | January 13 – May 5

Plus Dress Rehearsal + Performance
Dress Rehearsal | Wednesday evening, May 3
End of Class Performance | Friday, May 5 at 7pm

Ages: 9-16 | 11am-12pm

Let’s Act! Let’s Play! | Toy School

This is the class for a young actor who is looking to be part of an exciting production! Students will have the opportunity to build a character, learn lines, understand blocking, and be part of a cast! During this one hour class, students will be engrossed in being part of a full length play. The hour class will be filled with fun, acting, and character building. Students will perform the play at the end of the semester for family and friends!

“Toy School” is the story behind the story of toys, a play written for students late elementary to early high school age. Toys don’t automatically know how to be the perfect plaything for their future owners.  They have to learn how to do their job at Toy School!  Jig and Saw, Ted E. Bear, Princess Ann, Glow Toy, and others have come to Toy School to hopefully graduate and receive their price tags so they can attain the privilege of being sold at toy stores.  Not graduating from Toy School means certain doom at the Toy Dump! Oh no! Luckily, with the help of Cool Cat, the teacher’s assistant, these all-too-human toys learn about paying attention, practicing and persevering, developing self-confidence and overcoming both their fears and weaknesses…  but only after a charming and funny series of trial and error! Filled with lessons about developing self-confidence and not giving up, each toy discovers that it is good at something and the value of believing in themselves as well as the importance of education and friendship! The same lessons actors will learn from being a part of this production.

All students will be cast in a part, and have a blast utilizing their theater skills. The beginning of the semester will be mastering basic acting tools, then we will dive into the rehearsal process for the play. This will be a fun and engaging experience for actors of all levels!

We'd love to have your student join us for upcoming Let's Act classes. Please complete the form below to learn more.

Let’s Act! | In the Director’s Chair
Tuesday Evening Class
15 Week Class | January 17 – May 2

Plus Dress Rehearsal + Performance
Dress Rehearsal | Sunday afternoon, April 30
End of Class Performance | Tuesday, May 2 at 7pm

Ages: 14-16 | 5-6:30pm

In the Director’s Chair

A fun and immersive experience for theater enthusiasts. Students will serve as Assistant Directors working on a full musical production. Assistant directors will take part in helping the instructor work with children in the Let’s Act! Let’s Sing! class. Students will learn leadership skills, casting, directing and blocking scenes, choreography, and assist children with music. In the Director’s Chair allows your student to shape a performance and put their director’s hat skills to the test while working on an actual performance. 

From those who know they have a love for directing and are interested in the behind the scenes experience to those who want to improve their own performance skills, this class is sure to be a hit! Participating in the assistant director role will provide the opportunity for application and grow the student’s theater resume and their sense of accomplishment.

A key part of this class will be table talk learning sessions in the first 30 minutes of class. This will include discussion, review of the previous class including what worked, what didn’t, and what we learned from the class. The next hour of class will be a time of application with the Leap Day! production.

This is primarily considered a non-performing role, roles may be assigned for this production if necessary to complete our cast.

Let’s Act! Let’s Sing! | Leap Day!
Tuesday Evening Class
15 Week Class | January 17 – May 2

Plus Dress Rehearsal + Performance
Dress Rehearsal | Sunday afternoon, April 30
End of Class Performance | Tuesday, May 2 at 7pm

Ages: 6-13 | 5:30-6:30pm

Let’s Act! Let’s Sing! | Leap Day! (a new children’s musical)

SFTA’s inaugural musical is here! Students will take part in the musical experience of “LEAP DAY!”. All participants will be cast in a role and are sure to enjoy taking part in this full production. They will build a character, learn choreography, and of course embrace their musicality. Singing experience is helpful, but not required. All actors will work together as a cast to create a memorable show full of fun and laughter for family and friends! 

Leap Day“, inspired by the short story “The Days of the Week” by Hans Christian Andersen.… Every Leap Day, the Days of the Week have a day off and celebrate with a huge party at the House of Father Time. However, this Leap Day, nothing goes as planned. The Days feel overworked, demanding an 8th day be added to the week. Tuesday and Fridays friendship is not what it used to be. And Mother Nature makes a surprising appearance which puts everyone on edge!”  Working together students will be reminded they all have an important role to play not only in this production, but in life.