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Let's Act! Drama Classes Winter + Spring 2024



Leap Day Cast | May 2023


North Pole's Got Talent! | Tu, Dec 5, 7pm

Christmas Shorts | Fri, Dec 8, 7pm


TUESDAY EVENING: In the Director's Chair


Toy School Cast | May 2023

Age guidelines for participation are based on the student's age as of January 15, 2024.

*If your student is outside the class ages and you are interested in registering please contact us at sfta@242community.com to discuss possible enrollment options.

Let’s Act! | Imagine A Dragon!
Tuesday Evening Class
January 16 – May 7, 2024
(no class March 26)

Plus Dress Rehearsal + Performance
Dress Rehearsal | Sun, May 5 from 4-7pm
Performance | Tu, May 7 at 7pm

Ages: 6-13 | 5:30-6:30pm

Let’s Act! | Imagine a Dragon

This is the class for a young actor who is looking to be part of an exciting production! Students will have the opportunity to build a character, learn lines, understand blocking, and be part of a cast! During this one hour class, students will be engrossed in being part of this production. The hour class will be filled with fun, acting, and character building. Students will perform their show at the end of the semester for family and friends!

“Imagine a Dragon” is the tale of what happens when the dragon is back in town! Well… not really. That’s the story a ragtag band of innkeepers makes up, desperate to draw questing heroes to the struggling Dancing Dragon Inn. Soon the inn is full of unexpected guests, from an army of princesses out to prove their bravery, to a group of overwhelmed heroes trying to hold onto their fame. But what happens if they all discover the innkeepers’ dragon story is made up? Could there be more than one way to save the day? With an epic folk-rock score that brings magic to this funny, heartfelt fantasy musical you’re student is sure to have fun imagining with us at SFTA.

All students will be cast in a part, and have a blast developing, utilizing, and growing their theater skills whether they are new to performing or have been a part of previous shows. Casting information will be provided prior to class to allow students to prepare their casting audition at the first class. The beginning of the semester will be mastering basic acting tools, then we will dive into the rehearsal process. This will be a fun and engaging experience for actors of all levels!

Let’s Act! | In the Director’s Chair
Tuesday Evening Class
January 16 – May 7
(no class March 26)

Plus Dress Rehearsal + Performance
Dress Rehearsal | Sun, May 5, from 3:30-7pm
Performance | Tu, May 7 at 7pm

Ages: 14-17 | 5-6:30pm

In the Director’s Chair

A fun and immersive experience for theater enthusiasts. Students will serve as Assistant Directors working on a production. Assistant directors will take part in helping the instructor work with students in the Let’s Act! Tuesday evening class. Students will learn leadership skills, casting, directing, and blocking scenes, costumes and props, and assist students with preparing for their roles. In the Director’s Chair allows your student to shape a performance and put their director’s hat skills to the test while working on an actual performance. 

From those who know they have a love for directing and are interested in the behind the scenes experience to those who want to improve their own performance skills, this class is sure to be a hit! Participating in the Assistant Director role will provide the opportunity for application and grow the student’s theatre resume and their sense of accomplishment.

A key part of this class will be table talk learning sessions in the first 30 minutes of class. This will include discussion, review of the previous class including what worked, what didn’t, and what we learned from the class. The next hour of class will be a time of application with the Imagine a Dragon production.

This is primarily considered a non-performing role, roles may be assigned for this production if necessary to complete our cast.

Let’s Act! | And Then There Was One…A Spoof
Friday Daytime Class
February 2 – April 19
(no class March 29)

Plus Dress Rehearsal + Performance
Dress Rehearsal | Sun, April 14 from 4-7pm
Performance | Fri, April 19 at 7pm

Ages: 8-16 | 10-11:30am

Let’s Act! | And Then There Was One…A Spoof

Students will bring this comedic mystery to life with a performance that is filled with hilarious sights, gags, and dialogue.  Ten people are brought together by mysterious invitation to the Reef Mansion on a tiny, isolated island. Not one of them knows the host, who is nowhere to be found.  Still, he has left an ominous recording that bodes evil for the guests. Luckily, Inspector Miles is among the guests. In the final scene we discover the farcical twist!  A great spoof, this delightful script doesn’t miss any opportunity for lively comedy and humor. All actors will work together as a cast to create a memorable show full of fun and laughter for family and friends!

Students will learn many elements of theatre including blocking, expression, memorizing lines, developing their character, and much more. All participants will be cast in a role and are sure to enjoy taking part in this production.Casting information will be provided prior to class to allow students to prepare their casting audition at the first class.

From mastering basic acting tools to diving into the rehearsal process, this will be a fun and engaging experience for actors of all levels!