Little Explorers | Brighton

Offering a variety of early childhood classes designed for children ages 18 months and up.
Early exposure to the arts results in a higher rate of later participation.


Your Little Explorer is sure to delight in learning new skills, having fun, and spending time with other Little Explorers
as they engage in art, baton, dance, and music at School For The Arts.


Ages 3 - 6


Growing in Art Classes are designed to help young artists explore a variety of art mediums, spend time with other young artists, build hand eye coordination and dexterity while learning to enjoy art.

Students will enjoy a variety of activities including painting, drawing, gluing, and more. Class concludes with the opportunity for students to participate in a Student Art Show to celebrate their success!
Parents may attend class with student or drop off.

Little Explorers
Growing in Baton

Ages 3 and Up
Suitable for Girls and Boys

Designed for students who are new to twirling and those with experience.

Baton twirling offers students a number of benefits including help in developing hand-eye coordination, increases the ability to use both sides of their mind and body, and encourages students to be active in an increasingly sedentary world.



Ages 18mos-3 with caregiver
Class designed for our youngest dancers and a caregiver
Suitable for Girls and Boys

Class for child and caregiver
Non-recital class

You and your student will enjoy learning basic dance movements while keeping active and engaged.  Together the class will enjoy fun dance games and have time to explore freestyle dance with rhythmic music and a combination of instruction and activities to foster creativity, musical expression, and connectivity with your young dancer.


Ages 3-5
Suitable for Girls and Boys

Does your preschooler love to dance around the house? Growing in Dance is a beginner dance class designed for them! Students will learn the basics of ballet, rhythm, and movement, including beginner dance positions. Instructors will utilize dance games, beginning ballet technique and more to encourage and develop the young dancer.

Little Explorers
Music Lessons

Music lessons are offered for students based on readiness for lessons.
For students under age five a complimentary 15 minute readiness assessment may be offered. If students are not quite ready for music lessons we suggest enrollment in our SFTA Growing in Dance classes. These classes will help students learn to feel the beat, engage in music, and learn to take direction from an instructor in preparation for music lessons.

Music Lessons at School for the Arts ~ Ongoing Enrollment Always Available
Join us anytime!