SFTA Brighton | Dance + Baton

Winter + Spring Recital | Friday, April 21, 2022 | 6:30pm


Ages 3 and up
Suitable for Girls and Boys

Rookie Clinics and Multi-Week Classes

Baton twirling offers students a number of benefits including help in developing hand-eye coordination, increases the ability to use both sides of their mind and body, and encourages students to be active in an increasingly sedentary world.

Batons are available to purchase from the instructor at class for $35.

Rookie Clinics

SFTA Livonia | Monday | May 22, 5-6pm
SFTA Brighton | Tuesday | May 23, 4:30-5:30pm

Give twirling a try with our 60 minute clinic designed specifically for students new to baton.

Baton Classes

SFTA Brighton | Tuesdays | April 11-May 16, 4:30-5:30pm (6 week class)
SFTA Livonia | Mondays | June 5-26, 5-6pm (4 week class)
SFTA Brighton | Tuesdays | June 6-27, 4:30-5:30pm (4 week class)

Designed for students who are new to twirling and those with experience.

Class Requirements

  • Hair that is long enough pulled back in high bun
  • Tank top and workout pants or shorts (black preferred)
  • Tan Jazz shoes or tennis shoes (no boots please)
  • Please bring a water bottle along to class

Age Based Classes

SFTA Dance Classes Are Age Based
Determined by age of student as of March 15, 2023

To ensure the best experience for all of our students we kindly ask that you adhere to our age level placement.
Thank you for your cooperation.



Classes for ages 3-10, suitable for girls and boys
Tuesday | March 28, 2023

Growing in Dance – Teddy Bear Dance Party | (2 sessions) 9:30-10am + 10-10:30am | ages 3-5
Bring your favorite teddy bear friend and join us for a fun dance and music adventure!

Ballet + Tap Combo | 10:30-11:15am | ages 6-10
Dancers will learn/review basic ballet and tap movements and play dance games.

Hip Hop + Jazz Combo | 11:15am-12pm | ages 6-10
Dancers will stretch, learn/review basic hip hop and jazz movements and play dance games.

Class Requirements:
Growing in Dance: Attire that is easy to move in and hair pulled back. Students may dance in socks or ballet shoes.
Ballet + Tap Combo: Attire that is easy to move in, socks or ballet slippers and tap or other hard sole shoes that will make noise. Hair pulled back.
Hip Hop + Jazz Combo: Clothes students can move freely in, no sweats or jeans please. Students may dance in tennis shoes that have not been worn outside that day for hip hop. Socks or jazz shoes may be worn for the jazz portion. Hair pulled back.
All Classes: Please bring a water bottle to class.


Class for ages 2-3 with caregiver
4 week class designed for our youngest dancers and a caregiver

Friday Class
30 minute class for child (ages 2-3) and caregiver

Session One: 11:30am – 12pm
Fridays through April 7

Session Two: 11-11:30am
Fridays, April 28 through May 19

You and your student will enjoy learning basic dance movements while keeping active and engaged.  Together the class will enjoy fun dance games and have time to explore freestyle dance with rhythmic music with a combination of instruction and activities to foster creativity, musical expression, and connectivity with your young dancer.

Class Requirements: Comfortable attire for easy movement and hair pulled back, pink ballet shoes are encouraged. Students may dance in socks for this class.


Ages 3-5
4 Week Class

Friday | 10:30-11am
Fridays, April 28 through May 19

*Join us for Summer Dance Camps at SFTA
Registration opening March 2023

Does your preschooler love to dance around the house? Growing in Dance is a beginner dance class designed for them! Students will learn the basics of ballet, rhythm, and movement, including beginner dance positions. Instructors will utilize dance games, beginning ballet technique and more to encourage and develop the young dancer.

Class Requirements: Dance attire, hair pulled back in bun or ponytail, pink ballet shoes.

(Ages 5-7) + (Ages 7-10)

13 Week Recital performing classes*
Recital Friday | April 21

Monday | Ages 5-7
Beginner – Intermediate

5-6pm class
Monday | Ages 7-10
Intermediate – Advanced

6-7pm class
January 16-April 17
60 Minutes | 13 Weeks

Ballet and tap combo classes are designed to challenge the continuing dancer, as well as introduce the new student to the art of dance. Students will work on rhythm and dance activities, along with creative dance routines to help them improve their dance abilities. Skills and techniques to enhance their knowledge of dancing fundamentals will be a part of each class.

Class Requirements: Leotard** and tights, hair that is long enough pulled back in bun or ponytail, pink ballet shoes, black tap shoes. Black Mary Jane style tap shoes for girls, black tie style tap shoes for boys.
**Ballet skirt may be worn over leotard during ballet if desired, dance shorts may be worn over leotard during tap if desired

*Costume fees (average $25-$40) will be in addition to class fee

(Ages 6-10)

Monday 13 Week Recital performing class*
Friday 14 Week Recital performing class*
Recital Friday | April 21

Monday | Ages 7-10 | 7-8pm
January 16 – April  17
13 Weeks | 60 Minute Class

Friday | Ages 6-10 | 9:15-10:15am
January 13 – April  21
14 Weeks | 60 Minute Class

A fun and upbeat class that teaches students hip hop and jazz dance movements and technique in a fun and engaging way. Students will enjoy learning rhythm, movement and dance skills in the fun styles of hip hop and jazz dance. Fun music, dance games, and short skill-building routines will keep this age group interested and engaged each week!

Class Requirements: Hair that is long enough pulled back in bun or ponytail.

  • Female students should dress in a leotard*and tights. Black jazz shoes and tennis shoes that have not bene worn outside. Hair should be pulled back. 
    *Shorts or sweatpants may be worn over leotard for Hip Hop
  • Male students should dress in comfortable clothing, well fitting athletic pants (not falling down off hips hanging past the tops of shoes) or shorts and a t-shirt with jazz shoes and tennis shoes that have not bene worn outside.

 *Costume fees (average $25-$40) will be in addition to class fee