SFTA Livonia | Current Offerings Include:

Culinary, Early Childhood Music, Drama, and Private Music Lessons Currently Offered
More Classes Coming Soon

Little Explorers | Growing in Music

Sing, dance, and play along with your little explorer in this engaging and interactive early childhood music classes.

These classes, based on the First Steps in Music curriculum, bring musical playtime activities to life, teaching you and your child how to sing and play together. We will combine the wonder and enrichment of folk songs, classical music, exploratory play, and creative movement into a delightful experience for both parent and child alike.

This class is 100% inclusive and is open to children of ALL abilities. The child doesn’t need to be able to perform specific requirements, each child will benefit regardless of their abilities. All are welcome!

These classes are the ideal prerequisite if you are interested in enrolling in private music lessons when they are older.

Let's Act! Drama Classes

Gain Confidence
Learn New Skills
Develop a Voice
Perform Together

Let’s Act! Drama classes are fun and engaging! Students will learn drama performance skills such as blocking, basic terms, casting, working together, auditions, and performance. In addition they’ll engage their imaginations, express themselves, and gain confidence.


Learn the ins and outs of making your own sourdough bread. You'll leave with confidence, skills, and ready to bake your first loaf the next day.


School for the Arts is proud to offer private lessons in instruments such as Cello, Drums, Guitar, Piano, Violin, and Voice.

Winter + Spring Term | Jan. 3 - May 20, 2022
Recitals May 21, 2022
Ongoing enrollment, join us anytime!

Scroll down to see our SFTA music lesson policies.


We value our students and our teachers in their commitments to lessons.


  • Tuition is billed monthly based on weekly 30 minute private lessons
  • Calculations are based on the weekly rate of $27 for banjo, bass, drum, guitar, mandolin, piano, ukulele, and voice lessons
  • The weekly rate of $32 is used to calculate the monthly bill for brass, cello, woodwinds, and violin lessons
  • Lessons are available from many of our SFTA instructors in person, online, or as a combination of both
  • Lessons will continue to be automatically billed monthly unless you notify us of plans to pause or discontinue lessons
  • Payment for monthly tuition is due upon receipt of the monthly tuition statement, before the first lesson of the month
  • If a student enrolls mid-month, the fee will be prorated


  • A flex schedule is available for students to continue their learning over the summer. This allows flexibility for vacations and allows students to keep their current spot with their teacher.



  • Once a student enrolls in music lessons, they will not need to re-enroll each month. 
  • Students will remain enrolled and receive a monthly tuition statement until they withdraw from lessons.


  • When lesson materials are needed, the student/parent will be notified by the instructor and asked to purchase the materials at a music store or online. The instructor may prefer to obtain the materials for the student to ensure they have them when needed. The student would, in that case, pay the teacher directly.
  • Instructors will be available to give advice on the purchase or rental, if available, of instruments.
  • Lessons are available from many of our SFTA instructors in person, online, or as a combination of both.



  • When enrolling at SFTA students will have the opportunity to participate in our December and May recitals. Students are encouraged to commit to these performances.
  • Students may also be invited, on occasion to perform at 2|42 church special events



  • Our instructors reserve time and studio space for teaching lessons and they are in the studio regardless if a student shows up or not. In consideration for their time, and booking. considerations refunds are not given for missed lessons. Some instructors have the availability for make up lessons, if given advance notice, and others do not.
  • Due to booking considerations, make up lessons offered may be conducted as virtual lessons
  • We are not responsible to schedule a make up lesson when a student is not there for any reason. They may be offered at the instructor’s discretion.
  • Our official policy at School for the Arts is that lessons canceled with less than 24 hours notice will not be eligible for make ups, credits, or refunds
  • Lessons canceled by the instructor shall be made up, credited to the next invoice, or refunded
  • The studio reserves the right to provide a substitute teacher if the scheduled teacher is unable to teach
  • If a student is sick we ask them to stay home and utilize a virtual lesson if possible


  • We do not follow local school closings for snow days. If your lessons are affected by inclement weather you will be notified.  Virtual lessons may be offered as an alternative.



When enrolling at School for the Arts, you understand that your child may be photographed from time to time. The pictures may be used on SFTA Facebook (untagged) or on promotional materials.